BEWARE OF SCAMS - - IRS never calls to ask for MONEY or Private Information

Here is How

  • File electronically.
  • This gets tax returns to the IRS faster than by mail, and helps the IRS process it faster since IRS workers don't have to spend time transcribing the information on the return into its computer system.

  • Elect direct deposit of your refund.
  • By choosing on your tax return to have your refund sent electronically to your bank account, you further speed your refund-by saving the time involved in having the IRS process and mail a paper check, as well as the time the check spends in the mail traveling to you. You'll also avoid the risk that your refund check will be lost in the mail-which happens to about 100,000 taxpayers annually and the risk that a wrongdoer will steal your check.

  • File as early as possible.
  • To get your refund as soon as possible, file your 2023 tax return as early in 2024 as possible. This will probably be January 18, 2024.

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  1. Review the following checklist before you come to see us:

     To ensure that we have everything we need to process your tax return quickly, make sure that you bring EVERYTHING THAT APPLIES to your situation.

    Please review the rest of this list to see if anything applies to your tax situation:

    • Any letters from the IRS.
    • Drivers license and Social Security cards for taxpayer and spouse.
    • Social Security cards and dates of birth for all dependents as well as taxpayer and spouse, if available.
    • W-2's
    • Prior year tax return (Only if a new SBA-TAXES customer)
    • Forms 1099-NEC. Independent Contractor income.
    • All 1099-NEC, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-B, 1099-PATR statements.
    • Unemployment compensation Form 1098-G (this may vary by state) Bring in whatever form the state uses to report unemployment compensation benefits.
    • SS-5 Social Security Benefits Statement.
    • Mortgage interest statement.
    • Real Estate Tax and Personal Property Tax Statements.
    • Income and Expenses from a business you own.
    • Basis of stocks sold
    • Form 8832 or Divorce decree for non-custodial parent claiming a dependent child.
    • Schedule K-1 from partnership, s-corporation, or a trust.
    • Rent income and expenses for rental units.
    • Estimated tax payment amounts.
    • Alimony paid and received.
    • 1099-R - Pension and Annuity income.
    • If part-year resident from any state, we'll need the dates you moved into the state and the dates in other states if we are going to prepare the other state returns.
    • Royalty amounts.
    • Housing allowance amounts for ministers.
    • Stock Appreciation Rights (stock options).
    • Medical, business, and charitable mileage.
    • Any form that says "Do not throw away, Tax Document".